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Fault on the road or pavement? Report it online to DRD Roads Service below.

You can help to reduce the peril of potholes and other faults on your roads and pavements in Islandmagee by reporting them to the DRD Roads Service. Simply fill in the form below and it will be sent to DRD Roads Service as well as yourself and Islandmagee Community Development Association. You can also report a number of other faults as well as potholes. The ICDA will keep a file of all reports so that any issues can be raised with local politicians and DRD Roads Service if required.

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If you are reporting a street lighting fault, please tell DRD the yellow number on the lamp post.

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Please provide other details to help DRD locate the fault. It is helpful if you can be as precise as possible, for example, can you tell DRD what house number the fault is close to, or nearby junctions, landmarks etc.

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DRD may need your contact details in order to clarify this fault report, but you don't need to complete all of this section if you don't want to. Only your name and email address are required.

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