Islandmagee First Responders

Islandmagee Community First Responders are a group of volunteers who live in Islandmagee.

Founded in 2004, in order to provide help for the people of Islandmagee in emergency medical situations. They are trained by, regularly updated, by St Johns Ambulance Service to a standard acceptable by Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

Trained in First Aid, CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and the administration of oxygen.

In Emergency situations such as a heart attack, chest pains, asthma attack, 999 would be contacted and a request made for an Ambulance. When the Ambulance Service receives the call a the first responders on duty are notified by pager. The responders should be able to reach the casualty in a shorter time than the ambulance as they are already in the area.

Responders work on a rota basis at weekends, as this is when the Ambulance Service is at its busiest, and if the responder is there only a few minutes sooner, a great difference in outcome can be made!

If you are interested in joining the First Responders, or would like further information then contact Gerry Armour(028 9338 2378) or Jamie Baker (07986 425 939)

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